A Visit To The Hometown Of "The Mick"

April 9, 1998, the 33rd anniversary of Mickey hitting the first indoor home run (in the Houston Astrodome), I had the opportunity to visit Commerce, OK, the town where Mickey grew up and first learned to play baseball. 

My first stop was at the City Clerk's Office where they have a nice display of photos, newspaper clippings, etc of "The Mick".  Driving through town, I noticed that the main road passing through Commerce, Route 66, had been renamed Mickey Mantle Blvd. 

I visited Mickey's childhood home where he first learned to play baseball with his father and grandfather.  I also stopped by his old high school which is now Commerce Middle School.  Unfortunately, none of the baseball fields still exist where Mickey played as a child.  Overall, the trip was very nolstalgic and gave me a better feel of the roots of one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Mickey's Childhood HomeThis was Mickey's childhood home which is located at 319 S. Quincy St, where he lived from 1934 to 1944 (from age 3 to 13).  The house was home to Mickey, his parents (Mutt & Lovel), his sister (Barbara) and his three bothers (Roy, Ray & Larry)

Some changes have been made to the house but it is basically the same as when Mickey lived there over 50 years ago. 




Mickey's Childhood HomeIn the backyard of this house, Mickey first learned to switch hit, according to his book "The Mick". 

This photo shows the one car garage, which is nothing more than a wooden frame covered with sheets of rusting tin.  This is the shack that Mickey threw baseballs against and hit balls into while learning to play.  This tin shack definitely shows its age with rust and dents but is one of the most historic buildings in the town of Commerce, OK.  



Mickey's Childhood Home

This is another view of the garage.  The unpaved road to the side is where Mickey and his father (and grandfather) spent countless hours playing pitch. 

While standing there, I could almost hear Mickey's voice and the sounds of a father playing pitch with his son. 




Formerly Commerce High School



This used to be Commerce High School, where Mickey attended classes.  It is now Commerce Middle School. 





Mutt Mantle Field (Sign)

This is the sign at a baseball field that was created in 1955 and dedicated to Mutt Mantle in 1994. The field is quite small (probably for children up to about 10-12 years old) and is still in use today.

Mickey never played here as a child since he was already in the majors by the time it was constructed.  



Mutt Mantle Field


This shot is from standing just behind second base.  As you can see from all the footprints, the field is played on regularly.