April 17, 1956 @ Griffith Stadium


On opening day before President Eisenhower, and Washington fans, Mickey connects for two very long home runs to center field. The first, hit on a high line and according to one newspaper just left of the 408' mark at the inner corner of the notch, flies over a tree and lands on a row house about 25' above the ground.  Utilizing two separate insurance maps, its nearest side is about 61' from the left center bleacher area.  Drawing a line just past the left side of this 408' corner on either map, the line intersects the house barely 10 feet from the front and just a few from the near side.  Using Griffith Stadium dimensions for 1956, this home run traveled 522' to its landing point on the roof of 2014 5th Street, marked on the maps, and is the address given in a newspaper account.  The other home run, which was impeded by a large tree, flew over the 438' mark and was hit on a lower line.  Mickey said this one was hit harder than the other!