"We never thought we could lose as long as Mickey was playing. The point was, we had Mickey and the other team didn't. Tom Tresh

"One of these days he'll hit the ball so hard, it'll burst and all he'll get for his efforts will be a single." Casey Stengel

"The big thing about this boy is that he likes to play baseball. The knee bothers him and still he comes to me and says, 'Let me play.'" Casey Stengel

"I never saw anybody hit the ball so hard. When he swings the bat, you just have to stop and watch." Phil Rizzuto

"I played with DiMaggio before I played and managed Mickey. Nobody but nobody could hit a ball as hard and as far from both sides of the plate as Mickey could. He was just awesome." Ralph Houk

"That's what Mickey was all about - winning. Nobody cared more about winning, and nobody took losing harder." Whitey Ford

"He kept a smile on his face, his head on straight and became a leader of one of the greatest teams ever assembled." Mel Allen

"Very few people take your breath away, but that was the effect Mickey had. He was truly a great American hero." Billy Crystal

"Mickey had everything going for him. He had the good looks and innocence we wanted to see in our heroes. He had outstanding strength. He even had that billboard name. Mickey was exceptional and the world loved him." Bobby Murcer

"He will be remembered for excellence on the baseball field and the honor and redemption he brought to the end of his life." President Bill Clinton