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Leon Wolf is a graduate of The School of Visual Arts, N.Y.C.  He has done illustrations for "The Saturday Evening Post", "Ladies Home Journal" as well as painting the cover of Y.A. Tittle's book.  Leon has also done numerous paintings published in Beckett Magazine.  He also has had paintings on exhibit at The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown as well as Mickey Mantle's Restaurant in New York.  Some of the athletes that own his paintings include Ozzie Smith, Andre Dawson, Ron Guidry, Ricky Henderson, Willie Randolph, Frank Robinson, Emmitt Smith and Randall Cunningham.

If you have a specific picture of Mickey that you would like Leon Wolf to paint, you can contact him directly at INFO@LEONWOLF.COM.   Leon paints using acrylic on canvas.  If the requested painting is not unusual or complex, he currently charges $400 for 16 x 20, $500 for 20 x 24 and $600 for 24 x 36.